Monday, June 2, 2014

101 in 1001.

I've started a few lists, and never kept up with it through the 1001 days, but this list is different.  One, I think it has goals that while will take some work are definitely achievable.  I'm also at a place in my life that I can focus on growing and working on myself as a person, now more than ever, because I'm on my own.  Last, I'm more active in the blog world, so I think that will help keep me motivated and determined to finish.

Start date: June 2 2014.
End date: February 27 2017.


-visit five new states
-go on a cruise
-buy food from a food truck
-Visit the Pink Pistol
-Visit the Twister Museum
-Visit El Reno, Oklahoma
-Visit the Melting Pot
-Go to a race
-Visit Nashville
-Explore old downtown
-go skiing again
-go whitewater rafting again

With Friends. 

-Meet Veronica
-Have a Girls Day with Jayme once a year
-Go on a blate
-Attend a midnight premiere
-See Garth Brooks in concert
-Go on a roadtrip with friends
-see ten movies in the theater
-go to a wild game
-go to a twins game.

For the Blog/Writing

-Do a blog consult
-Start and complete Nanowrimo
-Blog about each item.
-Share each new post on facebook.
-Host a blog swap
-Post five vlogs
-participate in five blogging challenges
-update my about me
-do a currently post monthly
-do a blog e-course.
-set up an editorial calendar
-reach 1000 posts
-complete the 52 list project
-make my handwriting a font.


-Complete the 52 week self-portrait project.
-Complete project 365
-Participate in the 100 happy days project
-document a day in the life.
-complete a month of FMS photo a day.
-Take a picture in the same spot for all four seasons.

For Me

-Go to at least one concert a year
-Write a letter to my future husband.
-Read the bible cover to cover.
-read 100 books a year.
-Update Goodreads weekly for a year
-Try ten new recipes
-get a massage
-get a tattoo
-complete couch to 5k.
-start a prayer journal
-Watch all ten seasons of Friends
-Answer the 50 Questions that will free your mind.
-Start and keep a one line a day journal.
-List five things I'm thankful for each week.
-Make a list of fifty quotes that I love
-List fifty things that make me happy.
-Drink only water for a week.
-Turn my phone off for a day.
-Read a book with a title that starts out with each letter of the alphabet.
-See a movie with a title that starts out with each letter of the alphabet.
-get my pictures hung in my apartment.
-get a promotion at work
-be with my job for five years.
-write a letter to myself to open on the last day of the challenge.
-go a day without complaining.
-vote in the 2016 elections
-wash my face before bed each night for a month.
-Ask 20 friends to recommend a book and then read them all.
-Become a skywarn storm spotter
-buy something from etsy
-make a list of what I want in a husband.
-save a hailstone
-finish a coloring book
-get my conceal and carry.
-try a kickboxing class
-bike 50 miles
-get new glasses
-find my blood type
-compile a list of my 100 favorite songs.


-Put away $10 a week for a year.
-Don't eat out for a month.
-Do a no-spend month.
-Put five dollars into savings for each item completed.
-Save all five dollar bills for a year and then purchase something I want at the end of said year.
-Complete a budget and stick to it for a year.

For Others

-Donate clothes I don't wear every 6 months.
-Encourage someone else to make a list
-Comment on each blog I read for a day.
-Smile at everybody I encounter for a day.
-Do a RAOK month.
-Leave an inspirational note in a book.
-Comment on 101 new blogs.
-Do the pick your favorite number tip.
-Shave my head for St. Baldricks.
-Donate 10,000 grains of rice on
-Join SADD
-Write a handwritten letter or note each month.
-Write each of my siblings a letter to open on their graduation day.
-Adopt a dog.

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  1. Traveling is awesome, I am so happy that summer break is finally here and that we get to do some!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  2. These sounds awesome! You better let me know when you decide to come to Nashville.

    Also, you didn't put COlorado on your list!

  3. wow those are some great goals!!! I need to make a list like this but I cant seem to really think past today LOL

  4. Oh my gosh I want to do one of these lists so badly but the number and amount somewhat terrifies me! But hopefully I can get over that bump and make one. I loved reading your list though and would be interested to do some of these as well! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  5. These are great!!!!!! You definitely inspired me to make a list like this!!!!!!!!

  6. That's awesome. I love these lists. Why do you want to go to El Reno, OK? I lived in OKC for a while.


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