Friday, January 23, 2015

Have Paws, Will Blog.

Me at not my best angle. 

Hello humans! 

I am Chloe, Meghan's Golden Retriever. But her grandma likes to think I'm hers.  I get where she sees that, since I only happy pee when she comes over.  At least that what the humans call it.  I call it she smells like old people & the only way I know how to voice my displeasure over that smell is to pee.  Just kidding Meghan's grandma, I love you.  Meghan's mom calls me an outside dog, Meghan just laughs and lets me cuddle with her in the guest bed, but shhh, that can be our little secret mmk? You know what my favorite thing EVER is? To be outside all day, visit our neighbors for some people food and then cry until Meghan or one of the other peoples let me in.  I then like to surprise them when they pet me with lots of stickers in my fur, so they have to brush me & love on me while my fur brother Cooper gets jealous and whines.  Chloe-1, Cooper-0.  Some of my other favorite things include guarding the empty dog food bags and whine-growl-barking until the humans hide it from me, bringing you something every time you come home varying from a sock to Dad's work boot, and playing with my chicken.  My least favorite thing is when they use the middle name treatment on me--Coop doesn't have a middle name, why should I have to have one?  It's Elizabeth by the way. Chloe Elizabeth.  But I gots to go, the humans will be back soon & I'm supposed to be in my kennel terrorizing laying nicely next to Coop.   

Chloe out!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

#MeghanDoes2015 week 3.

015.365 Shot pool and had fun at ladies night with these two & others. 

016.365 #stepoutinblue in support of law enforcement. This is a cause near to my heart! 

017.365 Favorite comment on this picture goes to my best friend...."Yeah it's InTouch, I don't believe this stuff til it hits People." Truer words have not been spoken. 

018.365 Watching Biggest Loser with Mady&Gage. 

019.365 My early morning view after waking up from a horrible nightmare that Jayme had an inoperable brain tumor.  Not fun. 

020.365 This may be my new favorite picture of myself actually.  

021.365 Just make yourself at home Coop! Long legs you have there dog! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Something about Me.

"Cause I got a couple dents in my fender, got a couple rips in my jeans. 

I'm Meghan, obviously.  I'm 22, when did that happen? I love Jesus, because without Him I'm nothing.  

I was born in April 1992, not expected to make it through the night, but I did. 

I didn't want my brother after three days, but he's still here & I've got lots more. 

I believe marriage is forever, but my parents wasn't and that's okay.

I didn't like my stepmom or stepsister the first time I met them, now they are two of my closest friends. 

I have something known as front nasal dysplasia, but you won't see me feeling bad for myself. 

I had two brain surgeries before I was eight, along with tubes in my eyes & my tonsils out, before I was a teenager, but I've been surgery free for the last almost ten years. 

I'm used to people staring at me, and will usually let it roll off of my back, because I'd rather look like me and have manners than look like you and have none at all. (& yes, I totally used that line on someone at Walmart once!)

I graduated Burnsville High School, not without barely squeaking by, but hey, a diploma's a diploma 2.8 or 4.0.  

I moved out to Elk River, & thus began the you're Mady & Ryan's sister aren't you questions. 

I got a job at Wal-Mart to get me through school. Wal-Mart is still there, but school's not.  

I love to write, but don't share it unless I trust you explicitly.  

I love to read, and 9 times out of 10 I stay up all night to finsih a book. 

I have a big family, and wouldn't know what to do if I was an only child. 

I have the best friends, who are like my family. 

I'm sassy, snarky and sarcastic, but would give you the shirt of my back. 

I'm also one of the nicest people unless you mess with my family, then my claws come out.  

I love love, and believe the perfect love story isn't romeo and juliet, but grandma and grandpa growinng old together. 

I believe the little moments make the best memories, and without them, you can become jaded. 

This is real, this is me♥

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Project Pinterest Week 1.

Welcome, welcome to the first week of Project Pinterest! Jayme and I are SO happy you are here! This first month we would love if you linked up a project you've done off of Pinterest, but we also understand if you didn't have the time, so just link up your Pinterest account so we can follow you and PIN ALL THE THINGS! 

Link-Up Guidelines
1. Follow your fun hosts Jayme and Meghan.
2. Open up your Pinterest and find something fun to make/do!
(You can pick any category - food, DIY, etc. Your options are unlimited!)
3. Blog about your experience.
(Make sure to put the button somewhere on your post)
4. Link-up the THIRD Tuesday of each month. Please link-up to your specific post, not your homepage.
5. Put the button somewhere on your post so more friends can join!

You don't HAVE to comment on a certain number of other blogs,
but it would definitely make things a lot more fun if you did!

Each month we will both pick three of our personal favorites to "spotlight" in the next post.

We look forward to building community with you through participating in this link-up, as well as finally get something accomplished off of our Pinterest boards!

So without further ado, here's my January Project Pinterest!

Original Pin//Turning a large T-shirt into a form-fitting T.  You can find it here

My Take//

1//Original Shirt folded inside out. 2//After I had cut and tied 3//Finished product.

How it went//As you see, I don't have a picture with me in the shirt...well, that's because it was TOO small after I got done with it.  & the under arms turned out really weird.  I'm glad it was just a cheap shirt I had bought outside after George Strait's concert & not my nice GS tee.

Final Grade// C.  For my first time doing something off of Pinterest it went okay, but I would have liked to be able to wear the finished product! 

All right, now it's your turn! Link-up is below! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Grateful Heart V. 6

Yes, I know it's quite late to be posting, but bare with me.  I was working 11 to 8 last night & I noticed that my Dad was on Hospital Drive in a town near us and had been there for some time, I noticed Lynn-Mom was there too, so I texted her saying, hey did you hurt yourself again? She didn't respond right away, & I texted her saying hey, Life360(our GPS app) shows your on Hospital Drive, soooo...

I went on break around 6:30 and had a text from her saying, not me, but Dad. He has a bad infection, I'll let you know more in a little bit.

So I'm freaking out at work, I hate not knowing, because my mind goes to the worst possible situations, I finally get a text from Lynn-Mom around 7:40 explaining what was going on & that's this: my dad had a root canal 2 weeks ago today, he's been dealing with pain from it ever since, been put on antibiotics and prednisone, and nothing has helped.  Last night, he drove himself to the first hospital because he had a softball sized lump on his neck/jawline and was starting to have difficulty breathing.  I of course, start freaking out, Lynn asks me to let my brother and sister know, and neither one of them is answering their phones, so I wait until I'm off the clock & right as I'm punching out, my Mom calls me asking me if everything is okay, I tell her, and she says she's going to tell my brother.  Mady's boyfriend picked me up from work since he was at my house using my computer & I finally got ahold of her.

We kept getting little bits of information from Lynn-Mom & this morning Dad had surgery to remove that softball sized abscess & a tooth.  Mady and I went up to see him this early afternoon & that eased my fears too.  He was in a bit of pain still but otherwise he was his funny, happy self.

All of this to say, I'm so grateful for each part of my family this week.  You don't realize how quickly it can all be taken from you until you have something like this to jolt you back and say whoa.  Slow down a little, smell the roses & tell your loved ones how much they are loved and cared for.

linking up with emily for grateful heart this week!

Friday, January 16, 2015


I've been apart of the wonderful community known as #fireworkpeople since the beginning of December only & my life has been wildly changed for the better.

From the homepage of their website: "We are a space for women to be wildly encouraged, strengthened  & then COMMISSIONED to release their unique voice and purpose to the world." Can I get an amen? I started out hearing about #fireworkpeople in September or October & then saw it more and more on Twitter & finally searched out the group on Facebook, I admit I was a little scared that it wouldn't be as good as people said.  That it would be clique-y and that I wouldn't fit in.  But ladies? I was so wrong.  It felt like coming home.  Like I was missing 1000 of my closest friends and not even realized that I was missing them.  I've participated in three twitter chats since the new year and the encouragement and love and inspiration that has come from these parties? HAS BLOWN ME AWAY.

I seriously encourage each one of you to check out the facebook page here as well as the hashtag fireworkpeople on twitter or visit the website for more information, it will change your life! 

Have a great Friday loves! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

#meghandoes2015 week 2.

008.365 Two coffees for the price of one grande.  I'll take it! 

009.365 Cooper wasn't happy until he was on the bean bag & I was sitting on the floor.  My dog is a spoiled brat. 

010.365 Coop didn't want to come sleep with me, so this bed hog known as Chloe did instead. It's a good thing she's cute. 

011. A wise woman once told that the true test of friendship was if you'd share your gooey butter cake with the person & how evenly you share it.  

012.365 Yes. This. 

013.365 This too.  I love it.  My love for #fireworkpeople is on the blog tomorrow! 

014.365 Total fangirl moment when this happened yesterday! 

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